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Welcome to Where She Went! Are you looking for a travel guide with a personal touch and do you have a main interest in nature? Than keep on reading. One of the things you can find here, is my personal travel journal. Therefore, I’m not only showing you the good side of travelling, but also the daily struggle which comes up sometimes.


Of course, for those not seeking that, I have also enlisted my favourite spots in each city or country. You can find these short posts if you click on ‘Tips’. Besides that, I am a huge fan of photography. I can’t say I have mastered the entire art so far, but on the page ‘Capture’ I still want to show you the places I’ve been to. Hopefully that makes you want to travel!


If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that I have not yet mentioned ‘Read’ yet. Right there, you can read other articles of me. I’m not only dedicated to travel and photography, but also to nature conservation. In this section you will be directed to other websites. I’m born and raised in the Netherlands, so some stories might be written in Dutch. Sorry in advance for those who won’t be able to read them!


My photography and blogs are mainly focussed on nature, as for the fact that I’m becoming an Applied Biologist. In future years, I hope to visit many National Parks, green oases and hidden gems. If you want to keep updates, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram! Click on one of these logos and you will be directed right away.


Lots of Love, Manon






If you know me, want to get to know me, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: 






[Dutch] Columnestafette Bionieuws

15th of June 2017

"'Pats!', daar gaat er weer een, 'psshh', meteen dit nest ook maar even verwijderen. "

[DUTCH] Bovec, Slovenia

14th of August 2018

"Het is hier levendig. Levendig met toeristen, actievelingen en locals. Als je nog niet wist dat Slovenië in opkomst was, dan merk je het hier wel. "


[Dutch] adrenaline verhogende activiteiten op curacao

17th of January 2019

"Een hele tijd geleden schreef ik mijn eerste blog over Curaçao. Toen bewandelde ik de Christoffelberg, de hoogste berg van dit relatief kleine eiland."

[Dutch] Isle of Skye

7th of May 2018

"Deze veelgehoorde slogan "Niemand is een binnenmens, iedereen is een buitenmens" van Bever spreekt me na al die tijd nog steeds aan."

[DUTCH] Christoffelberg, Curacao

27th of September 2018

"Als je op zoek bent naar nieuwe, avontuurlijke en sportieve vakantieplekken, dan zal Curaçao niet snel in je opkomen."


[Dutch]omringd door dolfijnen tijdens mijn stage op curacao

27th of January 2019

"Daar sta ik dan, voor ongeveer 30 collega's in een theaterzaal. Presentaties heb ik nooit als vervelend ervaren, maar om een onbekende reden wordt ik vandaag een beetje ongeduldig..."

Painted Dog Conservation

28th of May 2018

"When someone asks us about heroes, we often think of the visible. People who have shown great things and they have probably been in the news a couple of times."


Brakkeput Mei mei, curacao

22nd of October 2018

"Curacao is a lovely, relatively small island in the Caribbean and it has visitors from all over the world. As tourism has become so big, you can see the island has adjusted to this demand."

_DSC0090_ (Large).jpg

[Dutch] Een langdurig avontuur in Husavik, noordoost IJsland. 

March 2019

"... Ik ben namelijk, wederom, vijf maanden op stage in het buitenland. Ditmaal in het prachtige IJsland."

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